The Woman in the Doorway

This is an actual incident that happened in me in the 11th grade, about 3 years ago. And it still haunts me to this day. Her face is burned into my memory. It’s the one regret I have in life so far, that I did not have the courage to take initiative.


She lies there in the doorway
Face blotchy from the punches and pummels
Her body too weak to stand
It was all she could do to turn the handle

Half dead from the abuses she’s received
Letting her guard down means going into the light
But she wants to live another day
She chooses to hold on and fight

Suddenly the elevator door chimes
Two young boys walk out
She tries her hardest to scream
Only a feeble whimper emerges out

But they notice and rush to her side
Ask her what’s wrong with terrified eyes
She’s far too worn out to speak
And the language barrier far too deep

She motions for their water bottle
Grabs it, starts desperately drinking
They look to each other in terror and confusion
Not knowing what to do, the consequences fearing

She pushed her phone weakly to them
Asked to call the number displayed
The women’s helpline, the police, God only knows
Their frantic efforts doubled with the sight of blood where she lay

But alas her phone would not do it’s job
Betrayed her in her time of need
They handed it back with apologetic eyes
Their muscles tensed, ready to flee

And that’s exactly what they did
Fled, fearing the consequences
Left her there alone bleeding
Slowly going out of her senses

They didn’t look back once
Didn’t call for the police or other help
Took to their heels, leaving dust trails behind
Like the cowards they were, the young whelps

And she remained in the doorway
Her feeble cries for help gone unanswered
Lord knows what happened to her
I hope someone came to save her


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Run Darkness Run

Darkness runs past
Midnight cat calls
She has no refuge
Light has had it’s fall

Foul creatures arise
From murky, dark depths
They run after her
To her path intercept

They pursue her
From onset of dusk
Many intentions they
Revenge, torture, lust

People she once thought
Were her staunch allies
Now run with the crowd
They were nothing but lies

Crying, weeping tears
She goes on running
She cannot escape them
These creatures cunning

She keeps running
All throughout the night
Never giving up
Keeping up her fight

Night is darkest
Right before dawn
She feels hope
Light is to be reborn

As the day breaks
A surge of light appears
The creatures fall back
Into then it sears

She breaks up
Melts into the light
She is now relieved
Away from their sight

Light doesn’t matter her
She who has seen the Sun
She is happy now
She is with the one

Suicide Note Of A Murderer

All that I have done
Can only be condone
No one need stand by me
I walk all alone

Terrible things i have
Done to all I have killed
Their blood on my hands
Many graves I have filled

Tortured all of them
Right before they died
Laws or morals and honor
I have blatantly defied

Cut off arms and legs
Pulled off fingernails
Cut bodies to pieces
Threw them from mountain trails

Bashed their heads on walls
run them over with a car
On their once fine boy
Nowhere is without a scar

Killed their family members
In front of their eyes
The husband watches in agony
As the wife slowly dies

Call me a killer, a murderer
Call me a butcher, an animal
The idea of my mercy
Is just plain laughable

These days I cannot sleep
Eyes that refuse to shut
Haunted by my crimes
My conscience is pricked, cut

I have no choice than to
Embark on this action of course
My heart is now heavy
With the lead guilt of remorse

To ones of whom I have killed
I truly sincerely apologize
For what I have done
There is no compromise

I now go where I must
To Hell, my eternal doom
The gun is against my head