New Start

She’s right there next to me
Sitting mere centimetres away
If eyes are the windows to the soul
Hers are as clear as day

Lined with dark, black kohl
They remind me of the Pharoahs
If I ever left to my own
I would stare aimlessly at them so

Look her fingers curled around the pen
How she writes across the paper
If she slipped and fell into a chasm
In a heartbeat I would save her

I can hardly write my own paper
I watch her chewing the pen
Oh look at her cute cheeks
How I’d love to cup and kiss them

Imprinted inside my heart
Is her wonderful, radiant smile
Drowning in my own thoughts
I’m losing track of time

I know not what this is
Beating faintly inside my heart
Rusty machinery once forgotten
Is this a new start?
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Her Knight In Shining Armor

‚ÄčThank you, Tom, for providing me with material to overcome my writer’s block. I presume you know what this poem refers to.

There she was surrounded
By the heckling crowd that watched her
They would not encourage her, nor support
Oh they mocked her with candor

They watch her struggle with the chains
Watched her traverse the maze of horrors
They mocked and jeered at her
Hearts unmelted by her sorrow

But there was one who would not watch
There was one to not stay silent
Though the perils may be fierce
He would not hesitate to go in

The knight in shining armor
Hath come to save the damsel in distress
Rode in to save the day
Rescue her from the trials of hell

Boggled by the challenges of the devil
He came to her on his infallible steed
Scooped her in his arms
Broke the chains and she was freed

Nary a thought to the pitfalls awaiting him
Nay his mind was fixed on her
He would lay down his life for her
Her knight in shining armor
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Do You Remember Me?

This was inspired by The Vow, the only romantic movie I’ve loved so far.


Do you remember who I am?
The people we used to be
Your eyes look and scrutinise
But I don’t think you really see

Have you forgotten me?
The one always by your side
Never mind the failing love
I shall consider it low tide

Have you forgotten the sacred vows?
The promises at the altar
Hands once clasped tightly together
Have the concrete bonds begun to falter?

I can see you’re not the same anymore
The accident has changed your mind
I can rarely connect with you
Similarities are hard to find

Some days it hurts so bad
The way you look at other men
Because you used to see me the same
Infallible love it was then

But I am not giving up on you
I will bring us back together
No matter what challenges carry us apart
We will find our way back to each other

Because I remember my vows
To love you in all your forms, now and forever
And I’m never letting you go
You’re the woman I’d point “I love her”

No matter how long it takes
No matter the toll it takes on my sanity
I swear to bring us back to what we were
My love for you will always be a surety