‚ÄčThe sky turns dark and grey
Much alike my foul mood
I had no inclination to watch
Yet by the sight I was glued

Mesmerized as the clouds drew close
Discerned the faint rumble of thunder
Watched as lightening blazed trails
Watched the rain as the clouds broke asunder

I desired not for a wet bed
I moved to close the window
Dark room with no power
Wind blown out the only candle

The smell hits my nose
Smell that reminds me of home
Of Earth quenching it’s thirst
Of wet mud, silt and loam

Yet I could not ignore the water
Reason begged with me
Heart told me to watch the rain
Beauty I could not fail to see

Sitting by the window
I watch the raindrops slide down
Racing past one another
Are they trying to wipe my frown?

The rain slowly abated
Earth’s thirst quenched again
Likewise my mood considerably changed
A smile where a frown had lain
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Juliet oh Juliet
Wherefore art thou?
I have come for you
Come outside now

Are you with me woman?
Is determination sown?
Don’t leave me here
Standing out in the cold

Come on down Juliet
Don’t leave me here
Lace up your shoes
And let’s run away dear

It’s raining here Juliet
And I’m drenched and soaked
I won’t go until you come
Don’t leave me a dumb goat

Climb over the window sill
Don’t let anyone know
Sneak out quietly
And off we will go

Come on down Juliet
Jump off the window sill
If we get caught now
It’s back to the grind mill

Jump into my arms
Three, two, one
There you go
Now let’s run

Run baby run
Don’t ever look back
They’ll tear us apart
If we give them the chance

So keep moving on
Don’t ever hesitate
Someday they will love us
For today, this is our fate


Picture Courtesy: http://www.birjumaharaj.com

Disclaimer: Highly influenced by ‘Check Yes Juliet’ – We The Kings. They own lines 29-32.


Feelings burst forth
Like red hot lava
No use trying to hold back
You’ll burst the vena cava.

Can be like red hot fire
Burning everything in it’s path
Destroying people’s joy
And earning you their wrath

Can be like light, cool rain
Bringing life to it sees
Making people happy and
Swarm around you like bees

You decide what it
May or may not be
Your choice from the array
Can make or break me.