The Road More Travelled By

God I can’t take it anymore
The burning inside my head
It’s eating me from the inside
Tears try in vain to quench

Everyday is a torture to pass through
Walking on searing hot coal
The pain has dimmed my senses
Gnawing away at my soul

But you have to hide the pain
Go and put on the anonymity mask
Lest be ostracized and put to shame
Why make difficult the arduous task?

There’s no choice but to move on
No hope of turning back
Trudge along until I reach the shore
Already stepped into the quicksand

Each day I ask myself
Will I ever feel less terrible?
I traded dreams for something I despise
In hopes of something now unattainable

I don’t know why I did it
Though at the time it made sense
I took the road more travelled by
And that has made all the difference

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The Price We Pay

That insatiable love
Heart of every romantic song
You seem to float on the wind
Surrounded by memories fond

Feels like it’s never going to end
Like a record on infinite repeat
You thought you would be the one
To complete the “impossible” feat

They whole-heartedly swear to you
They’ll always be by your side
If so, what else do you need?
You have someone to hold the light

Promise to stay no matter what
Would never bid goodbye
Yeah we swore on that day
We’d be friends until we die

And so you start your way
Traversing life’s every rocky path
With that little hand inside yours
Why be afraid of the dark?

Yet soon comes a day
When they start to fall behind
But you decide to let it be
To fatigue you consign

The harsh truth is unveiled
A bitter pill you must swallow
All the hopes and dreams smashed
Suddenly your heart feels hollow

Where once was pure love
Now is bitter hatred
You realize they’ve given up
Long has the adoration faded

Where once was soft caresses
They throw sticks and stones
Angry, spiteful words flow pell mell
Humiliate you, push you down below

You give it all you can do
To give them the old romance feel
You try to remind them of the perfection
Bring back the magic of what used to be

You pour your heart and soul
Sacrifice yourself each day
But when all’s said and done
Grief is the price for love we pay


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Anger burns
Hell fire has begun
What no one has seen
Heat of a thousand suns

Confined, trapped
Struggle to burst outside
Within the confines
It will not abide

Hatred, wrath
Unsure mixed feelings
Screams echo
Off the ceilings

Inside the body
Flames do lick
Unrequited violence
Is the top pick

Tears fall
Drip down the soul
What once was
is now a hole

Intense pain
All that’s left
Simple love
Forever bereft


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The Devil

He is there unexpected
Maybe in dark alleys
Maybe in broad daylight
But ensnare you will he

He tricks you with
Varieties of guises
You will never know
Which are his disguises

Whispering to you
Sweet nothings of deception
Taking you down slowly
To eternal damnation

Is his colour black?
The colour of coal
Silent is his deceit
Suffering he will dole

Is his colour red?
Seeds of hatred sown
Turning against each other
War he will proudly adorn

Do you not know him?
The embodiment of evil
No one quite like him
The one and only devil



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In Chains And Shackles

From when they had met
He had her bogged down
Many a time it brought
On her face a frown

He tied her up
Put her in chains
All day and night
Be it sun, cloud or rain

Though she were in chains
She could see he loved her
Never let her feel pain
Always took care of her

When he shackled her
He took utmost care
To let her feel hurt
He would never dare

She slowly grew tired
Of constantly staying here
She wanted to live
Away from him and fear

Yet she could see
His eyes full of love
He had no one greater
In his life she was above

She now had two choices
To run away and hide
Or to stand and stay here
And by his decisions abide

She made up her mind
Took the latter
Ran so far away
Never again would he see her

Falling Into Insanity

The demons in my mind,
Do not let me rest.
They just sit around.
In my mind, they infest.

Pushing and pulling,
Nudging and poking.
The fire in my mind,
With no mercy, they are stoking.

No matter what I try,
They are still inside there.
Driving me mad,
It’s more than I can bear.

From this, I want to escape,
Run away from my own mind.
They stop and hold me back.
With ropes of pain, they bind.

For my daring, I am punished.
With ropes and chains, I am whipped.
Pain flares throughout my mind.
Into fire, my head is dipped.

Struggle as I do,
My mind is still a slave.
Held by demons from hell.
I’d rather be in a grave.

On the brick walls of my mind,
I continue to scream and pound.
Insanity begins it’s move.
Respite, I have not found.

My mind is slipping into insanity.
I now gaze at the clock,
To count what’s left of my sanity.
Tick tock, tick tock…………