The Road More Travelled By

God I can’t take it anymore
The burning inside my head
It’s eating me from the inside
Tears try in vain to quench

Everyday is a torture to pass through
Walking on searing hot coal
The pain has dimmed my senses
Gnawing away at my soul

But you have to hide the pain
Go and put on the anonymity mask
Lest be ostracized and put to shame
Why make difficult the arduous task?

There’s no choice but to move on
No hope of turning back
Trudge along until I reach the shore
Already stepped into the quicksand

Each day I ask myself
Will I ever feel less terrible?
I traded dreams for something I despise
In hopes of something now unattainable

I don’t know why I did it
Though at the time it made sense
I took the road more travelled by
And that has made all the difference

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Listen up brothers and sisters
Take a moment and think awhile
Divert your mind from all distracting
Put down books, phones and files

Are you under a spell?
Are your feelings your own?
Or do you go with the flow
So as to never be alone

Does someone else dictate
Your actions to their whims
Are your feelings decided by
What passes through their lips?

Are you really free men?
Or merely just slaves?
Don’t be ashamed to admit it
Louder, with a higher octave

Listen to me people
It is time to let go
It won’t be the end of the world
Not the way you think so

For what use is a life
Where you cannot be free?
What is use is all your talk
If you cannot say what you mean?

Break free you miserable people
Of the shackles and chains
Give your life to it if you must
No matter the cost or pain

Distance yourself from whatever it is
Tearing you apart at the seams
Live a life with meaning
Die with memories, not dreams

Brothers and sisters
Let go of the placard
My advice to you
Live free or die hard


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I lift my head
A tip of the glass
Burning down my throat
I tell myself it’ll pass

I know not what I have taken
Save that it damages me
Hopefully, irreparably so
Let me go out quietly

Are you really living
If you are merely alive?
Devoid of what makes you human
Is it enough to merely survive?

For I see no difference
In  me being alive or dead
Remove the fifth wheel
One less mouth to be fed

My hands have started trembling
Vision started to blur
Mental faculties grinding to a halt
My voice now merely a slur

This is how it ends
Chemicals burning in my bloodstream
Pull down the levers, shut down the body
Death of my dreams


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Inspired by Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran

Sunshine and Rainbows

Waves streaked with red
Strike these eternal shores
Failures abound in plenty
At these damnation doors

Here lie failures of many
Dreams that did not make it through
Carefully nursed hopes discarded
Long gone the willpower to do

Why must we move on
Endure the endless tirade
Looking through the lying kaleidoscope
Success isn’t for us made

A giant Wolf-Rayet star
Now reduced to a blackhole
For aren’t we mere husks
Shells with no soul

Born to be a shame
Doomed to eternal failure
Black sheep of the lot
Hopes do falter

Will I leave this tesseract
Decrypt the engraved heiorglyphs?
Nay, do not delude yourself
Success is only a myth

And so forever shall we trudge
Pinpricks among the many
Let us keep from being trampled by those above
Why add to existing scars?

Brothers and sisters in shame
I join thee in your misery
The world isn’t sunshine and rainbows
Someday we shall escape this absurdity

Her Clock Struck Twelve

He gained her trust
First step he has done
And so it begins
Her clock strikes one

The touch of a finger
Life sucked out of her
Yet she does not realize
Not even a little murmur

Every minute, every second
Takes her life away
He quells her fears
Baseless soothing words he says

There is no end
To his bag of tricks
She has no time left
Her clock strikes six

She has now become
Just skin and bone
Baseless promises again
He will not leave her alone

Her love for him
Was completely mad, insane
Because she could not see
He would be her bane

Though he feels remorse
Kills it, shuts it down
No space for emotion here
Not a smile, not a frown

For he is the embodiment
Of death itself
Not even now will he reveal
Her clock strikes twelve

And so it is
She reached her death
Would not have reached life
Even if she had leapt

Whatever heaven she knows
In what she believed
She is safer there
From her pain relieved

He moves on as usual
To find his new prey
Of horrors that await
No idea have they


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I Am Her Killer

She was so alive
When we first met
With her hypnotizing eyes
Ensnared I was kept

I could not help it
I was in love
Across the seven seas
To the heavens above

Yet I slowly saw
I was a parasite
Drained her life out
Her eyes lost their light

With every little kiss
I injected venomous love
Darkened the feathers of
A once white dove

Every single touch
Took her to death
From energizing life
Away she was kept

She grew weaker
Day after day
But from my clutches
She would not go away

Would not leave me
Though I a killer insane
She did not realize
Her love was her bane

Days passing I saw her
Becoming someone emaciated
Hoping she would be better
I watched with breath bated

But with me at her side
She had no other choice
At the edge of death
Stock still she was poised

I watched her die
Slowly waste away
Yet against me a word
She would not say

And so it came that
From this world she had gone
Guilt tortured my heart
From night to dawn

I now had to
Face what I had done
I had taken her life away
As sure as if with a gun

I had been death’s agent
I could only infer
But there was no doubt
I had killed her


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The Man Who Went Down

Whoever thought his life
Would turn for the worse
It went quickly downhill
As if he had a curse

Steadily had he been
Climbing life’s long stairs
Going up very jolly
Without a little care

Slipped he did
Went down tumbling
All he had known
Went down crumbling

Now he has nothing
He has no one
Sits and berates himself
For what he should have done

Perpetually now you can see
On his face a frown
For he has become
The man who went down