Hey Pretty Girl

​Hey there pretty girl
I’ve seen you just once or twice
But you stuck around in my heart
In my stomach I’ve got butterflies

I know not a thing about you
Save your name and class
We don’t meet anywhere else
Not even in the hallways pass

We’ve never gotten to know each other
Yet I look at your pictures all night
I don’t even know the sound of your voice
Yet I fly to the Moon at your sight

Something’s drawing me to you
Is the smile or the eyes?
Let’s get to know each other
Together we could go miles

Hey there pretty girl
I want to be friends with you
Time will show how far we go
Let’s start a chapter anew

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Darling your lips stain red, that beautiful line
Oh sweet one, aren’t you heaven divine.
Come to my side, cute little darling
Such beautiful eyes, miniature starlings

Such luscious hair, like a streaming waterfall
How beautiful art thou, a pretty doll
Eyes they mesmerize, such deep depths
Expressing such emotion, love or contempt

Soft supple hands, they comfort
Wipe away tears, emotional support
Comfortable lap, easy to lie on
Sleep there easy, until the next dawn

The love for you, none may compare
I will take care of you forever, I swear
Be all mine, oh pretty woman
We shall forever be,  lovers under the sun