‚ÄčThe sky turns dark and grey
Much alike my foul mood
I had no inclination to watch
Yet by the sight I was glued

Mesmerized as the clouds drew close
Discerned the faint rumble of thunder
Watched as lightening blazed trails
Watched the rain as the clouds broke asunder

I desired not for a wet bed
I moved to close the window
Dark room with no power
Wind blown out the only candle

The smell hits my nose
Smell that reminds me of home
Of Earth quenching it’s thirst
Of wet mud, silt and loam

Yet I could not ignore the water
Reason begged with me
Heart told me to watch the rain
Beauty I could not fail to see

Sitting by the window
I watch the raindrops slide down
Racing past one another
Are they trying to wipe my frown?

The rain slowly abated
Earth’s thirst quenched again
Likewise my mood considerably changed
A smile where a frown had lain
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Haste To The Wedding

Yesterday miles away
Today mere feet apart
What they had longed for
With all their hearts

Years long worth of
Heartfelt, unblemished love
Though hope was scarce
Nothing broke their love

Parental forces raged
Their union everyone was against
But their struggle prevailed
They came out best

Look into each others’ eyes
Full of joy and adoration
Hands joined together
They will form a new combination

She wanted him hers
He wanted her his
Every hurt, cut and bruise
Was worth waiting for this

And now they are
Poised to be together
No one to separate them now
They will be one forever

The joyful reunion must wait
They see the sun setting
The bride and the groom make
Haste to their wedding


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To Mend A Friendship

He had taken pains to understand
He had wronged his friend
Yet he did not want
Their friendship to end

He knows he is in the wrong
Took many wrong turns
He is not proud of it
With shame his face burns

The way to his redemption
Is marked by deep pits
Dangerous is his path
He could be broken to bits

He chooses to take the risk
It deters him not
What he has to gain
Matters to him a lot

And so he embarks
On his confessional journey
Apology is the chosen word
To success, that is the key

He knows not if
It will work to appease
But the silence between them
He wants it to cease

He wants nothing more
Than getting back his friend
He wants to be together again
Together the friendship they will mend