Come With Me

Baby shut up and listen
And come away with me
Let’s run miles away
For you my heart bleeds

Don’t look back anymore
No tears, no regrets
Let’s run miles away
I’ll keep you happy and content

Baby shut up and listen
Forget what your friends say
Choose what your heart wants
Stick with it, come what may

How well do they know
What you truly want?
To lose you to their ideas
Of you I’m too fond

Baby shut up and listen
If loving me is said to be wrong
Don’t you try to be right
Become the stuff of folk songs

Don’t listen to what they say
They don’t know that much
Let’s run miles away
Let whomsoever judge

Baby shut up and listen
I cannot leave you alone
Listen to what I have to say
Pick up the damn phone

Think of the dreams we made
Think of all we dreamed to see
Bring back the love inside us
Bring back who we used to be

Baby shut up and listen
Take your fingers out of your ears
Just hear me out completely
Rash decisions bring only tears

I will make you sad at times
Because I’m not the perfect man
But I’ll look after you surely
To the best as I can

Baby shut up and listen
Don’t you walk away
Here, hold my hand
And let’s run miles away

We will be different from what they say
Pick up the courage, jump the fence
You can trust me sweetheart
Trust nobody else

Baby shut up and listen
Just come away with me
Years together will be testimony
Of how happy we will be

To stay here with me
Is all I can say
I love you too much
Please don’t walk away


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Darling your lips stain red, that beautiful line
Oh sweet one, aren’t you heaven divine.
Come to my side, cute little darling
Such beautiful eyes, miniature starlings

Such luscious hair, like a streaming waterfall
How beautiful art thou, a pretty doll
Eyes they mesmerize, such deep depths
Expressing such emotion, love or contempt

Soft supple hands, they comfort
Wipe away tears, emotional support
Comfortable lap, easy to lie on
Sleep there easy, until the next dawn

The love for you, none may compare
I will take care of you forever, I swear
Be all mine, oh pretty woman
We shall forever be,  lovers under the sun

Haste To The Wedding

Yesterday miles away
Today mere feet apart
What they had longed for
With all their hearts

Years long worth of
Heartfelt, unblemished love
Though hope was scarce
Nothing broke their love

Parental forces raged
Their union everyone was against
But their struggle prevailed
They came out best

Look into each others’ eyes
Full of joy and adoration
Hands joined together
They will form a new combination

She wanted him hers
He wanted her his
Every hurt, cut and bruise
Was worth waiting for this

And now they are
Poised to be together
No one to separate them now
They will be one forever

The joyful reunion must wait
They see the sun setting
The bride and the groom make
Haste to their wedding


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I Miss You

Moonlight streams through window
Stars lean to kiss you
Though I see the same stars
I lie here and miss you

A bottle of your scent
Sprayed on my pillow
Reminds me of you
I miss your presence though

So far away from you
i watch the night turn blue
It’s so beautiful but
Not the same without you

I long for my arms around you
Wrap you in tight
Let you know you’re safe
Shield you from unfriendly sight

Feel your chest rise and fall
With every breath you take
The loneliness I feel
Your presence will abate

Feel your little body
Pressed tight into me
Knowing you mine and I yours
The happiest I can be

Should nightmares come a calling
I will be your shield
Beat them back away
In my arms comfort sealed

I eagerly wait for the day
To come back to my love
But I want it to be now
Because I miss you


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Her Love Is All I Need

Skies slowly darken
Clouds turn grey
Likeness to my mind
Edges of sanity fray

Rough winds do shake
The darling buds they say
This storm wind can
Toss people like hay

Seas toss and turn
Tides crash on the beach
Earthquakes do abound
Not a safe niche

Yet in the middle
Of the grey angry clouds
I can hear clearly
The musical magical sound

Clouds split apart
Like Moses and the sea
Down a ray of light
Walking down is she

Does not matter her
She walks into danger
To make me feel calm
All that matters to her

To me when I need her
She comes like a white dove
Bringing peace and calm
My one and only love

Her love for me so great
Danger she pays no heed
Nothing else I shall want
Her love is all I need


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Moving To Another

Forged close together
At the same bank
Union of two souls
Barriers between sank

Now they are
A whole gulf apart
The journey back to the other
They cannot start

Forces balloon between
Pushes them apart
Distance begins to tell
Wears down their heart

Sadness in waves
Misery is abound
What little hope had they
Has been downed

Feelings once strong
Diluted by distance
Barriers between once again rise
A barbed wire fence

Close to each to each other
Will they come again
Or is their struggle
Doomed to be in vain

It is to be
The dreaded latter
Yet by that time
It will scarcely matter

Hearts that once used to
Beat for the other
Now move apart
Interests fueled by another

Her Clock Struck Twelve

He gained her trust
First step he has done
And so it begins
Her clock strikes one

The touch of a finger
Life sucked out of her
Yet she does not realize
Not even a little murmur

Every minute, every second
Takes her life away
He quells her fears
Baseless soothing words he says

There is no end
To his bag of tricks
She has no time left
Her clock strikes six

She has now become
Just skin and bone
Baseless promises again
He will not leave her alone

Her love for him
Was completely mad, insane
Because she could not see
He would be her bane

Though he feels remorse
Kills it, shuts it down
No space for emotion here
Not a smile, not a frown

For he is the embodiment
Of death itself
Not even now will he reveal
Her clock strikes twelve

And so it is
She reached her death
Would not have reached life
Even if she had leapt

Whatever heaven she knows
In what she believed
She is safer there
From her pain relieved

He moves on as usual
To find his new prey
Of horrors that await
No idea have they


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