The Angel

Oh angel sent from above
About you I could write a song
The depths of your love
One that’s a hundred miles long

The day you came down
To cover me with your wings
Like a common man gifted a crown
I couldn’t stop my joy from shining

A respledent figure in the sky
Wingspan wide, feathers so white
My awe and fear I could not hide
To sing praises my throat too dry

You were sent down to me
When I most needed you
Oh I could hug and kiss thee
Alone I would have gone cuckoo

And now I bid you farewell
Time for you to return home
Though with grief my heart swells
It is once my road to walk alone

The memory of you will forever glow
One I will never give away or sell
No matter how far away I go
You will always be my beloved angel

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People they come
People they go
But some of them special
Leave a mark on you so

I thought I found one
Loved her so much
But when she left my side
Left me seeking a crutch

That pillar of hope
The one I counted on
To be by my side
And never leave me alone

But what do you do
When the foundation stone’s pulled away?
What do you do
When your world begins to sway?

I’ve done wrong
I’ve made mistakes
But when she wanted out
So bad my heart ached

Funny jokes we shared
Sweet memories we made
Life dreams we built
To them goodbye we bade

Magical years were the ones
Ones we were together
We thought it would be
But we weren’t meant to be forever

The indelible mark you left
Will always on me show
The light that you left me
Will everglow



Disclaimer: Inspired by Everglow – Coldplay
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