Dark Skies

‚ÄčThe sun shining through the leaves
Wind rustling the green trees
Birds flitting through the eaves
Could anyone a better morning see

Walking through the park
Soft grass beneath my feet
Like a rainbow you appeared
Was this coincidence or us destined to meet

Ten and four months ago
Had I last seen your face
Oh how did I think to let you leave
Think someone could fill that space

Sitting in the little cafe
Your fingers curled around a cup of coffee
The sight of you turned me breathless
How I wished your radiant smile turn on me

I took a tentative step forward
Hoping for the times of old
Memories we had, dreams yet to be
On your little laugh, I was long sold

Like a thunderbolt he appeared
Leather jacket, fair and handsome
The love in your eyes at his sight
My patched up heart came undone

You leaned deep into his kiss
Put his arms tight around did he
Oh how my heart burned when you looked at him
Because that was how you used to look at me

Picked you up and walked away
The happy couple and the sunset
How I wished my light would fade
How I longed for the chimes of death

Because I can’t stand the haunting dreams
Promises that turned out to be lies
There was nothing for me to live for
You darkened the cheerful skies


Broken Hearted Man

He found himself phone in hand
Staring incessantly at the screen
His world had been yanked from down under
He had nothing on which to lean

Hands are unsteady, his legs weak
He stares blankly at the wall
Eyes so dark and empty
Devoid of anything at all

The world lost it’s charm
Colours faded into oblivion
Nothing will bring back the joy
No wise words, no incantation

Gone the echoes of rich laughter
Now replaced by a stony face
Love and affection, words forgotten
Lost in his sorrow, a thorny maze

People stare at him walk unshaven, disheveled
Thinking he’s part of a vagabond band
They don’t understand he’s not broke
He’s just a broken hearted man

Her coffee grew stone cold
As she waited for him to miss her
Cigarette stubs littered the ground
As he tried to forget her

Unsteady footsteps echo
The long, dark hallway
Clutching a bottle in his hand
Drags his feet and walks away

Mourning what could have been
Beyond any sort of repair broken
Because when two hearts break
They never break even


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People they come
People they go
But some of them special
Leave a mark on you so

I thought I found one
Loved her so much
But when she left my side
Left me seeking a crutch

That pillar of hope
The one I counted on
To be by my side
And never leave me alone

But what do you do
When the foundation stone’s pulled away?
What do you do
When your world begins to sway?

I’ve done wrong
I’ve made mistakes
But when she wanted out
So bad my heart ached

Funny jokes we shared
Sweet memories we made
Life dreams we built
To them goodbye we bade

Magical years were the ones
Ones we were together
We thought it would be
But we weren’t meant to be forever

The indelible mark you left
Will always on me show
The light that you left me
Will everglow



Disclaimer: Inspired by Everglow – Coldplay
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Broken Souls

Two souls once joined together
Like stuck with Superglue
Than stare into each other’s eyes
The had nothing better to do

The bond between them
Was deemed never to be broken
Nor could their love be
Anything but, each other, besotten

Maybe they could not
Be together forever
But they would enjoy meanwhile
With rapt fervor

What happened to them
What drove them apart
Instead of Cupid’s arrow
In each heart, a dart

Separated from each other
Their intense love smashed
They would not be together
Hopes to pieces dashed

But yet somewhere deep
Of a love a faint flicker
Someday they will find peace
Without turning to liquor