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Take A Bullet

​Six months since you left
Said you were tired of being with me
Gave me a whole lot of reasons
Reasons I couldn’t fathom nor see

And so two years came to an abrupt end
Dreams smashed to smithereens
“Oh it wasn’t real love for you.
I was just being a stupid teen.”

You moved on with college and friends
Made a life out for yourself
Dumb me sat around moping
Pushed dreams and passions into shelves

Time and again I tried to climb the peak
Landslides kept pushing me down
I could never quite heal myself
Like happiness didn’t want to be found

How do you find it to move on
From the person you once lived your life for?
How do you heal from the hurt
When everything you love turned sour?

What was once beautiful white
Now a sickening shade of black
You might bring it to a dull gray
But the magic will never come back

Watching them moving on from you
While you’re still grieving
You do anything to stay sane
Anything you can do to keep breathing

Like a gunshot slamming into you
The reason for which you can’t quite figure
The person you’d take a bullet for
Is the one pulling the trigger

And you lie there bleeding
Bleeding heavily from the exit wound
Knowing your heart will never be the same
Praying God will take you soon
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Conquer The Distance

​There is still about 2 hours for Valentine’s Day. But this date, the 13th of Feb, is/was special to me.
This for all the couples in an LDR. May yours succeed where mine failed. And remember, as long as the two of you have faith, you will make it.

Do you recall that not long ago
The roads of passion we would wander
Naively carefree, childlike innocence
All we did was care for each other

Unbridled love shining in doleful eyes
Made in the dream clouds a palace
No one could hope to pull us apart
Only thing that mattered was us

But somehow, somewhere down the line
The walls of faith began to erode
Fear and doubt crash mercilessly on them
Your heart turned to ice, stone cold

The promises we made
All the dreams together we had
Or were they simply wisps
Words written on beach sand

Faded flowers in your hand
The best that I can do
Being so far away
I have no way of reaching you

The skies have darkened, turned grey
Not easy the facade of cheerful gloom
But my word as a gentleman
I will come and see you soon

I know things are hard now
I haven’t been the best boyfriend
Keep the dreams we made in mind
Together we can conquer the distance

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Moving To Another

Forged close together
At the same bank
Union of two souls
Barriers between sank

Now they are
A whole gulf apart
The journey back to the other
They cannot start

Forces balloon between
Pushes them apart
Distance begins to tell
Wears down their heart

Sadness in waves
Misery is abound
What little hope had they
Has been downed

Feelings once strong
Diluted by distance
Barriers between once again rise
A barbed wire fence

Close to each to each other
Will they come again
Or is their struggle
Doomed to be in vain

It is to be
The dreaded latter
Yet by that time
It will scarcely matter

Hearts that once used to
Beat for the other
Now move apart
Interests fueled by another

Don’t Cheat

A gap where once was
Now a huge, gaping void
On the grey matter sea
Love once buoyed

For months at a time
What you toiled
In a few moments
The sanctity you soiled

A few moments of
Of intense pleasure
Just for those moment
You threw away treasure

Now she has gone
Nothing will bring her back
All she wants now is
You on the torture rack

Let this be now
A warning not to abuse
Do not cheat on her
Her love you will lose

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Broken Souls

Two souls once joined together
Like stuck with Superglue
Than stare into each other’s eyes
The had nothing better to do

The bond between them
Was deemed never to be broken
Nor could their love be
Anything but, each other, besotten

Maybe they could not
Be together forever
But they would enjoy meanwhile
With rapt fervor

What happened to them
What drove them apart
Instead of Cupid’s arrow
In each heart, a dart

Separated from each other
Their intense love smashed
They would not be together
Hopes to pieces dashed

But yet somewhere deep
Of a love a faint flicker
Someday they will find peace
Without turning to liquor