Bharatham 2K17

‚ÄčThe long awaited event
Once in three years
Hardwork and more work
Blood, sweat and tears

The pride of the entire college
Federal Institute of Science and Technology
The time when everyone comes together
Working feverishly in harmony

All the students running mad
Hoisting ropes, building stages
Success had to be the outcome
For a place in the history pages

We had ‘Pit Stop’ and ‘Ezra’
We had ‘Choreo Night’ and ‘Tashan’
Surely the former was better
For who really wants to talk fashion?

Pretty women and handsome men parading
For Mr and Ms Bharatham
All the people and energy pulse
Just short of a pandemonium

‘Tremors’ in the afternoon
The sun did us roast
We had Masala Coffee
When Chai Met Toast

But the seniors did well
They managed to pull it off
At the mention of FISAT
No more shall people scoff

Spread the word around
From Trivandrum to Salem
This is Bharatham 2K17
Bhava Raga Thala Melam