New Start

She’s right there next to me
Sitting mere centimetres away
If eyes are the windows to the soul
Hers are as clear as day

Lined with dark, black kohl
They remind me of the Pharoahs
If I ever left to my own
I would stare aimlessly at them so

Look her fingers curled around the pen
How she writes across the paper
If she slipped and fell into a chasm
In a heartbeat I would save her

I can hardly write my own paper
I watch her chewing the pen
Oh look at her cute cheeks
How I’d love to cup and kiss them

Imprinted inside my heart
Is her wonderful, radiant smile
Drowning in my own thoughts
I’m losing track of time

I know not what this is
Beating faintly inside my heart
Rusty machinery once forgotten
Is this a new start?
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Dark Skies

​The sun shining through the leaves
Wind rustling the green trees
Birds flitting through the eaves
Could anyone a better morning see

Walking through the park
Soft grass beneath my feet
Like a rainbow you appeared
Was this coincidence or us destined to meet

Ten and four months ago
Had I last seen your face
Oh how did I think to let you leave
Think someone could fill that space

Sitting in the little cafe
Your fingers curled around a cup of coffee
The sight of you turned me breathless
How I wished your radiant smile turn on me

I took a tentative step forward
Hoping for the times of old
Memories we had, dreams yet to be
On your little laugh, I was long sold

Like a thunderbolt he appeared
Leather jacket, fair and handsome
The love in your eyes at his sight
My patched up heart came undone

You leaned deep into his kiss
Put his arms tight around did he
Oh how my heart burned when you looked at him
Because that was how you used to look at me

Picked you up and walked away
The happy couple and the sunset
How I wished my light would fade
How I longed for the chimes of death

Because I can’t stand the haunting dreams
Promises that turned out to be lies
There was nothing for me to live for
You darkened the cheerful skies

Her Knight In Shining Armor

​Thank you, Tom, for providing me with material to overcome my writer’s block. I presume you know what this poem refers to.

There she was surrounded
By the heckling crowd that watched her
They would not encourage her, nor support
Oh they mocked her with candor

They watch her struggle with the chains
Watched her traverse the maze of horrors
They mocked and jeered at her
Hearts unmelted by her sorrow

But there was one who would not watch
There was one to not stay silent
Though the perils may be fierce
He would not hesitate to go in

The knight in shining armor
Hath come to save the damsel in distress
Rode in to save the day
Rescue her from the trials of hell

Boggled by the challenges of the devil
He came to her on his infallible steed
Scooped her in his arms
Broke the chains and she was freed

Nary a thought to the pitfalls awaiting him
Nay his mind was fixed on her
He would lay down his life for her
Her knight in shining armor
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My Dreams With You

My dreams with you
Are many and varied
Both while we’re dating
And after we’re married

Spend a day with you
Lying in bed to hug and cuddle
Stay inside love’s warm embrace
The world forgotten in a confused muddle

Explore new and exotic places
Travel and soak in the sights
Never sating our curiosity
Even when they extinguish the city lights

Make entrancing music with you
I bang the drums, you play the guitar
Record and listen to all our songs
Make ourselves feel like superstars

To excite the gustatory sense
Eat at every dhaba and fancy restaurant
Taste everything regardless of ingredient
Walk out with tummy full and faces exuberant

Walk around after midnight
Not caring who we meet
Belt out songs together
Dance in lonely streets

Raise a family with you
Us and two little kids
Come from work to a happy home
Doting husband and father in your midst

Lie on the bed beside you
See your eyes look at me
Be able to watch you sleep peacefully
A lovely sight to see

Watch the night stars with you
Debate and comtemplate philosophy
Tell each other stories under the stars
Weave long reams of fantasy

To cuddle you close
Your happy head on my chest
To wrap my arms around and keep you safe
I dream everyday, I confess

These are only but
A few of what I imagine
The biggest one of them all
You beside me through thick and thin

Come fulfill these and more
Our stories will span reams
Because all I want in life is
To die with memories, not just dreams

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The Angel

Oh angel sent from above
About you I could write a song
The depths of your love
One that’s a hundred miles long

The day you came down
To cover me with your wings
Like a common man gifted a crown
I couldn’t stop my joy from shining

A respledent figure in the sky
Wingspan wide, feathers so white
My awe and fear I could not hide
To sing praises my throat too dry

You were sent down to me
When I most needed you
Oh I could hug and kiss thee
Alone I would have gone cuckoo

And now I bid you farewell
Time for you to return home
Though with grief my heart swells
It is once my road to walk alone

The memory of you will forever glow
One I will never give away or sell
No matter how far away I go
You will always be my beloved angel

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Conquer The Distance

​There is still about 2 hours for Valentine’s Day. But this date, the 13th of Feb, is/was special to me.
This for all the couples in an LDR. May yours succeed where mine failed. And remember, as long as the two of you have faith, you will make it.

Do you recall that not long ago
The roads of passion we would wander
Naively carefree, childlike innocence
All we did was care for each other

Unbridled love shining in doleful eyes
Made in the dream clouds a palace
No one could hope to pull us apart
Only thing that mattered was us

But somehow, somewhere down the line
The walls of faith began to erode
Fear and doubt crash mercilessly on them
Your heart turned to ice, stone cold

The promises we made
All the dreams together we had
Or were they simply wisps
Words written on beach sand

Faded flowers in your hand
The best that I can do
Being so far away
I have no way of reaching you

The skies have darkened, turned grey
Not easy the facade of cheerful gloom
But my word as a gentleman
I will come and see you soon

I know things are hard now
I haven’t been the best boyfriend
Keep the dreams we made in mind
Together we can conquer the distance

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The Mask

Most places on Earth have cycles of alternation. Day and night. Sunshine and rain. Storms and tranquility. And no doubt, as we are a part of nature, so do we.

There come certain periods of darkness in a person’s life. Sometimes, so dense he can’t see two minutes into the future. And, being human, his first reaction is to find a cause to blame. Typical Adam and Eve. And more often than not, the cause is himself. So what’s the next move? Anger. Deep anger. Anger that results from the dense sadness lodged inside. Anger that’s so intense, it consumes him, fills every waking minute and the minutes asleep too. And try as he might, sometimes, it explodes. Fiery balls of flame that scorch the ones he loves dearly, though he may have never intended it that way. Anything and everything that makes them happy is a thorn in his side. And while he genuinely is happy for them, the tip of the iceberg looks much too forbidding for someone to venture beneath the surface.

At first, people ‘understand’. You’re going through a tough time, it’s hard etc. But sooner or later, they want the angry man to do something he knows he can’t. Move on.

After a while, the ‘understanding’ turns to scorn and repulsion. Soon, they rather not even stay in the same room as him. He loses the love and trust of those dear to him. Some leave with quite a nasty picture of him painted in their minds.
So where did he go wrong? After all, isn’t it natural for someone to go through bleak plateaus in their life and expect their loved one to hold their hand as they do?

He figured it out too late.

You’ve got to hide the anger. They expect you to shelve it and move on, yet you know you can’t. So, hide the anger. Practice smiling in a mirror, laughing, talking pleasant. Take care the raging blaze inside does not cast soot on what you wish to say about others.

But he figured it out too late. And by the time he did, he had lost everything he had. And had to live, consumed with regret.

He forgot to put on the mask.