About Myself

Well hello there,

Welcome to my blog.

My name is………well revealing my real name defeats the purpose of an anonymous blog, doesn’t it?  I could be any one of the random people you pass by, and you’d never know it was me.

The reason I write online is that it provides a medium to express all my feelings in front of an audience that cannot punish me for contradicting their views. It helps me to vent my feelings out. Happy, sad, anger, whatever. Having it written down makes me feel better. It gets it out of my mind and inked onto paper. Paper cannot harm me in the way infested thoughts can.

This blog allows me to assume a different persona. Think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I can be who I want without worrying about getting disciplined or getting ostracized from society. Which is why I slip on my mask of anonymity and keep coming back.

I’ll be posting every Sunday, as regular as I can.

The views I have in this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of any community. I do not speak for anyone but myself. I’m not looking for an argument. But if you want to have a civil discussion, you are welcome to comment.



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