Conquer The Distance

​There is still about 2 hours for Valentine’s Day. But this date, the 13th of Feb, is/was special to me.
This for all the couples in an LDR. May yours succeed where mine failed. And remember, as long as the two of you have faith, you will make it.

Do you recall that not long ago
The roads of passion we would wander
Naively carefree, childlike innocence
All we did was care for each other

Unbridled love shining in doleful eyes
Made in the dream clouds a palace
No one could hope to pull us apart
Only thing that mattered was us

But somehow, somewhere down the line
The walls of faith began to erode
Fear and doubt crash mercilessly on them
Your heart turned to ice, stone cold

The promises we made
All the dreams together we had
Or were they simply wisps
Words written on beach sand

Faded flowers in your hand
The best that I can do
Being so far away
I have no way of reaching you

The skies have darkened, turned grey
Not easy the facade of cheerful gloom
But my word as a gentleman
I will come and see you soon

I know things are hard now
I haven’t been the best boyfriend
Keep the dreams we made in mind
Together we can conquer the distance

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