The Mask

Most places on Earth have cycles of alternation. Day and night. Sunshine and rain. Storms and tranquility. And no doubt, as we are a part of nature, so do we.

There come certain periods of darkness in a person’s life. Sometimes, so dense he can’t see two minutes into the future. And, being human, his first reaction is to find a cause to blame. Typical Adam and Eve. And more often than not, the cause is himself. So what’s the next move? Anger. Deep anger. Anger that results from the dense sadness lodged inside. Anger that’s so intense, it consumes him, fills every waking minute and the minutes asleep too. And try as he might, sometimes, it explodes. Fiery balls of flame that scorch the ones he loves dearly, though he may have never intended it that way. Anything and everything that makes them happy is a thorn in his side. And while he genuinely is happy for them, the tip of the iceberg looks much too forbidding for someone to venture beneath the surface.

At first, people ‘understand’. You’re going through a tough time, it’s hard etc. But sooner or later, they want the angry man to do something he knows he can’t. Move on.

After a while, the ‘understanding’ turns to scorn and repulsion. Soon, they rather not even stay in the same room as him. He loses the love and trust of those dear to him. Some leave with quite a nasty picture of him painted in their minds.
So where did he go wrong? After all, isn’t it natural for someone to go through bleak plateaus in their life and expect their loved one to hold their hand as they do?

He figured it out too late.

You’ve got to hide the anger. They expect you to shelve it and move on, yet you know you can’t. So, hide the anger. Practice smiling in a mirror, laughing, talking pleasant. Take care the raging blaze inside does not cast soot on what you wish to say about others.

But he figured it out too late. And by the time he did, he had lost everything he had. And had to live, consumed with regret.

He forgot to put on the mask.

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