The Price We Pay

That insatiable love
Heart of every romantic song
You seem to float on the wind
Surrounded by memories fond

Feels like it’s never going to end
Like a record on infinite repeat
You thought you would be the one
To complete the “impossible” feat

They whole-heartedly swear to you
They’ll always be by your side
If so, what else do you need?
You have someone to hold the light

Promise to stay no matter what
Would never bid goodbye
Yeah we swore on that day
We’d be friends until we die

And so you start your way
Traversing life’s every rocky path
With that little hand inside yours
Why be afraid of the dark?

Yet soon comes a day
When they start to fall behind
But you decide to let it be
To fatigue you consign

The harsh truth is unveiled
A bitter pill you must swallow
All the hopes and dreams smashed
Suddenly your heart feels hollow

Where once was pure love
Now is bitter hatred
You realize they’ve given up
Long has the adoration faded

Where once was soft caresses
They throw sticks and stones
Angry, spiteful words flow pell mell
Humiliate you, push you down below

You give it all you can do
To give them the old romance feel
You try to remind them of the perfection
Bring back the magic of what used to be

You pour your heart and soul
Sacrifice yourself each day
But when all’s said and done
Grief is the price for love we pay


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