The Speech

A lone man in the midst
A sea of faces around
The mouth wide open
Out comes not a sound

The knees knock together
Palms have become sweaty
I cannot meet their stares
Lord, my shoulders stoop heavy

Most terrifying situation this
The feared speech extempore
Why am I tormented this way,
Thrown to the battle fore?

Alphabets strung legibly together
Form certain words, rare a sentence
What on Earth do I say?
The timer tells me to commence

And suddenly, the dam bursts
Words flow in a rapid torrent
Is it fast enough to be gibberish?
My mind is closed to further comment

I know not what I say
Save that it is in English
Some in the audience are rapt
Most, waiting for me to finish

And finally the arduous task ends
The climax of my speech
Never do this to me again
To you, I humbly beseech


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