Listen up brothers and sisters
Take a moment and think awhile
Divert your mind from all distracting
Put down books, phones and files

Are you under a spell?
Are your feelings your own?
Or do you go with the flow
So as to never be alone

Does someone else dictate
Your actions to their whims
Are your feelings decided by
What passes through their lips?

Are you really free men?
Or merely just slaves?
Don’t be ashamed to admit it
Louder, with a higher octave

Listen to me people
It is time to let go
It won’t be the end of the world
Not the way you think so

For what use is a life
Where you cannot be free?
What is use is all your talk
If you cannot say what you mean?

Break free you miserable people
Of the shackles and chains
Give your life to it if you must
No matter the cost or pain

Distance yourself from whatever it is
Tearing you apart at the seams
Live a life with meaning
Die with memories, not dreams

Brothers and sisters
Let go of the placard
My advice to you
Live free or die hard


Picture Courtesy

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