Cute little one
Frantically wagging his tail
Eyes full of love
Never a reason to wail

For he cared about one
His lovely mistress
She was his entire world
Woke up just for her caress

She dictated his every emotion
Sad or happy each day
His biggest joy was in
The loving words she would say

And she loved him so
Let him know at every opportunity
Kissed him, cuddled and caressed
Loved him in all sincerity

But times did change
Lost interest in him
She had other people around
To fulfill her whims

He got pushed down
He who had been around so long
She wanted the new ones
Said that’s where she belonged

Long did he sit and wait
With big, doleful eyes
Lost interest in everything
Even the scuppering mice

Did everything to get her back
All of his merry antics
Noted with a scornful smile
Left him with memories of her magic

Yet he still waited
For her to come back
They said he was doing it in vain
But his love would never slack

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