The Old Owl

There was once an owl
Old and wise beyond measure
Proprietor of a wealth of knowledge
Debate was his leisure

Everyone who wished to learn
Came to his teaching tree
He made no discrimination
What he knew, he gave away free

Disputes of food, water and everything under the sun
All was his to solve
Fair and impartial judgement
Around him the law revolved

He would teach the children
Younglings fresh to the world
Guide them to the ways of life
Their eager minds he unfurled

Yet one day there were no requests
In his yard all alone
There had come a young owl
The old one bereft of his throne

The fresher was a whirlwind
Bubbling, thirsting with energy
Brought knowledge of exciting things
So fascinating was he

Who would want a grandpa?
When they had him
They were so in awe
Looked to him like the Seraphim

The old one slunk away
Realized his time here was done
They had no more use for him
From their circles shun

But soon they realize
To some the young are oblivious
To refuse their pleas for help
The owl was far too conscientious

And so he was happy once again
Life had a meaning once more
They would abandon him no longer
He would be a chapter in jungle lore


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