Gone To Pieces

When I sit and think
Take my life a sum
It amounts to nothing
Yee Lord, what have I become?

I used to walk the streets
Head and shoulders raised high
Men would respect me
Women lovingly sigh

Enjoyed the power, the might
Would not tolerate deceit or lies
Ruled my domain with a just hand
I was a God in their eyes

Where I once had friends my own
Today I sleep and walk alone
Degraded to that of a stray dog
Sweeping the streets I once happily  roamed

How times have gone
My world smashed to pieces
Do I have another way
But to flee this?

What have I become?
Where am I going?
My compass has gone haywire
My boat is adrift, none rowing

Maybe this is it for me
Rise of the dawn, fall of the night
Let me now close my eyes
My last journey into the light


Picture Courtesy: http://www.lonelyindia.wordpress.com

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