My Saviour

What does it feel like
To not feel the depth
How do you react when
The world under you swept

Tumbling, tumbling down
Deep, dark chasm
No means of escape
Like fluid in the pericardium

Collapsed have the pillars
Fallen have my piers
Nowhere to hold on
The situation turned dire

Where is my Superman?
Will Hawkman save me?
Falling toward Tartarus
Who is my saviour exactly?

Who will come to my aid?
Lift me on feathery wings
My angel in white
Can you not hear me clamouring?

I await my saviour
Carry me away from this place
Tuck me in your arms
Give me much needed solace

I look to you God
My greatest soldier and saviour
The one who loves me
Protects me in need of hour

You give me the strength
To make it through this hell
Let my weary, tired soul
Fall into your arms pell-mell


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