There was once a conceited cell
Thought himself high and mighty
Efforts to rein him in failed
Boy, was he feisty

And per chance, a thought entered
A thought to rule the body
And he started dividing, cloning himself
Stop at nothing would he

“Pray, resist my friend
We are not meant to divide so”
“Keep your concerns weakling
I heed no friend nor foe”

And so he went his way
Growing in size and number
Multiplying, come what may
Regards for rules, thrown asunder

He would not listen to the brain
Afraid was the liver
His dangerous intentions
Made them all shiver

Never stop did he
Morphed into metastasis
His power grew by leaps and bounds
Efforts to stop him went amiss

Finally, a tumour emerged
He sent his emissaries through blood vessels
He was not to stop at one
Throughout the body, his name chisel

The other organs could not for long
Withstand his relentless invasion
They began to slowly shut down
The body stumbling on occasion

The hypothalamus went to him
“We cannot fight longer. We give up”
Far too immersed was the cell
His focus they could not interrupt

And the day finally came
When the body lost it’s drive
The cell understood with shock
He too had but minutes to survive

And he realized with regret
Why his plan went sour
Why he had failed in the end
He won the battle, not the war


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