Juliet oh Juliet
Wherefore art thou?
I have come for you
Come outside now

Are you with me woman?
Is determination sown?
Don’t leave me here
Standing out in the cold

Come on down Juliet
Don’t leave me here
Lace up your shoes
And let’s run away dear

It’s raining here Juliet
And I’m drenched and soaked
I won’t go until you come
Don’t leave me a dumb goat

Climb over the window sill
Don’t let anyone know
Sneak out quietly
And off we will go

Come on down Juliet
Jump off the window sill
If we get caught now
It’s back to the grind mill

Jump into my arms
Three, two, one
There you go
Now let’s run

Run baby run
Don’t ever look back
They’ll tear us apart
If we give them the chance

So keep moving on
Don’t ever hesitate
Someday they will love us
For today, this is our fate


Picture Courtesy: http://www.birjumaharaj.com

Disclaimer: Highly influenced by ‘Check Yes Juliet’ – We The Kings. They own lines 29-32.

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