Sunshine and Rainbows

Waves streaked with red
Strike these eternal shores
Failures abound in plenty
At these damnation doors

Here lie failures of many
Dreams that did not make it through
Carefully nursed hopes discarded
Long gone the willpower to do

Why must we move on
Endure the endless tirade
Looking through the lying kaleidoscope
Success isn’t for us made

A giant Wolf-Rayet star
Now reduced to a blackhole
For aren’t we mere husks
Shells with no soul

Born to be a shame
Doomed to eternal failure
Black sheep of the lot
Hopes do falter

Will I leave this tesseract
Decrypt the engraved heiorglyphs?
Nay, do not delude yourself
Success is only a myth

And so forever shall we trudge
Pinpricks among the many
Let us keep from being trampled by those above
Why add to existing scars?

Brothers and sisters in shame
I join thee in your misery
The world isn’t sunshine and rainbows
Someday we shall escape this absurdity

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