Pursuit Of A Dream

All alone there
Sitting in the cold
He wonders if he
Unknowingly sold his soul

For a brighter day
Pursuit of a dream
Or has it been for nought?
Sanity frays at the seams

The support he was promised
Has yet not come
And none may arrive
His outlook bleak and glum

But he still trudges on
On long gone motivation
What drives him now?
He has no explanation

He does what he must
For him and his love
The dream in sight
But out of reach above

He trusts she will
Be his Persephone
Waiting for her Odysseus
Steadfast, faithfully

Blind trust is what
He uses to survive
He knows he must
Somehow keep himself alive

He may never get happiness
May fall apart at the seams
But happiness is all about the journey
The pursuit of your dreams



Picture Courtesy: tinybuddha.com

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