Two Are One

Once two kingdoms large
Could not stand each other
Seemed everything they did
Drove them apart further

Yet against all odds
Like Romeo and Juliet
The price and the princess
Their little hearts met

Like the Montagues and Capulets
The kings had words to say
Abhorred their union
Sought to drive them away

The prince was banished
For many years some
To prove himself worthy
Of his princess and kingdom

Walking narrow, unknown paths
His spirits about to give up
But her love for him
Kept his hopes up

With a nary a bit of communication
They missed each other so
Yet the promises once sworn
Gave them hope to go on

With hard work over years
He made it back to her
But the journey was not yet over
Steps to climb further

Envoys to both kings
Asked, pleaded, begged
To understand they were one
All they wanted was to wed

Attacks by the kings’ men
Could not weaken their resolve
For he wanted her or none
His one true love

One day he got through
The kings relented, approved
Gave them their blessings
Their steadfast love left the people moved

And so the prince won his princess
True lovers under the Sun
They will live life
Together as one



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