The Wait

In the midst of this gulf
Watching the sun set and the moon wane
Rocks I once thought firm
Now slowly crumble away

People I once thought my allies
Have left me all alone
Like a dog they tempt me
Throwing me a retractable bone

I have nowhere to turn
No shoulder to cry on
Not one to turn for help
Everyone has gone

I stand here all alone
To bury my grief
No more shall I be a shade
Fallen have the last leaves

This heart is more open
Entry has been barred
None shall see the battle I fought
None shall see me scarred

For I have had enough
Of so called humanity
They don’t deserve me
Nay, they are pure insanity

And so I cut myself off
From this cruel world
In hopes someone will come
One day see my flag unfurled

Seeme for who I am
Understand me completely
Stay with me with no deceit
Oh well, we shall see



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