A New Page

Far have I traveled now
From the place I once called home
I feel I should belong here
Yet I still walk alone

Journeyed through heaven’s clouds
In a metal contraption
My feet rest on upon this soil
The place of my inception

Far from family
Far from friends
Sent here to undo mistakes
Two years’ worth of amends

None do I miss as much
As I do my love
A hole in my heart
Large as the deepest cove

Strange places are these
People look unknown
I have stepped into a netherworld
Where everything seems forlorn

Yet I am here for an aim
A purpose I must fulfill
I cannot go back without it
Pleasures I have to kill

Quick has this been
This paradigm shift
But feet must move forward
To adapt, I must be swift

Goodbye to whom I was
My life has now changed
Gone are the faded manuscripts
Now I start a new page



Image courtesy of blanknoiz.wordpress.com

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