I Miss You

Moonlight streams through window
Stars lean to kiss you
Though I see the same stars
I lie here and miss you

A bottle of your scent
Sprayed on my pillow
Reminds me of you
I miss your presence though

So far away from you
i watch the night turn blue
It’s so beautiful but
Not the same without you

I long for my arms around you
Wrap you in tight
Let you know you’re safe
Shield you from unfriendly sight

Feel your chest rise and fall
With every breath you take
The loneliness I feel
Your presence will abate

Feel your little body
Pressed tight into me
Knowing you mine and I yours
The happiest I can be

Should nightmares come a calling
I will be your shield
Beat them back away
In my arms comfort sealed

I eagerly wait for the day
To come back to my love
But I want it to be now
Because I miss you


Image Courtesy of myinkandquill.wordpress.com


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