To Make Her Whole

They all foolishly assume
She’s safe there in her room
Nothing could be further
She sits there for her doom

Does it have a sharp edge
Well then it’s perfect
It is her weapon of choice
Cuts on her arm intersect

Angry red lines on her arms
Blood drops begin to fall
The world’s taunts hurt more
Than what she herself mauled

Drowned in regret
Awash in their lie
Perceives herself gone
Wishes she could die

But a hand clamps her cuts
Stops the flow of blood
Her support dam has come
To slow the torrential flood

A hand wipes away
On her cheeks the tears
He has come to
Mend her broken layers

Strong arms wrap around her
In love and kindness he binds
He stays by her side
Until she feels fine

He sets out to
Comfort her heart and soul
He will not rest until
He has made her whole


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  1. if everyone who felt alone, turned to self harm was reminded that they are not alone, only reminded by simply a presence, no need to say anything, a lot of people would atleast die happily and not alone

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