Her Love Is All I Need

Skies slowly darken
Clouds turn grey
Likeness to my mind
Edges of sanity fray

Rough winds do shake
The darling buds they say
This storm wind can
Toss people like hay

Seas toss and turn
Tides crash on the beach
Earthquakes do abound
Not a safe niche

Yet in the middle
Of the grey angry clouds
I can hear clearly
The musical magical sound

Clouds split apart
Like Moses and the sea
Down a ray of light
Walking down is she

Does not matter her
She walks into danger
To make me feel calm
All that matters to her

To me when I need her
She comes like a white dove
Bringing peace and calm
My one and only love

Her love for me so great
Danger she pays no heed
Nothing else I shall want
Her love is all I need


Image Courtesy of cdc.c.photoshelter.com

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