Like little old Jack
I climbed the beanstalk
At the notion of failure
My resolve did not balk

I tried to tread lightly
On my veritable dreams
Yet my feet fell through
They tear at the seams

Deep holes open wide
A source of frustration
Yet I cannot stop
To sit in consternation

As hard as I try
I cannot move on
Struggle through nights of despair
No hope flashes in the dawn

My first fearless decision
Has been to no avail
But to destroy my courage
Negative thoughts assail

Must I give up
Go back, slide down?
Anticipate what might have been
In deep regret drown

Must I struggle on
Get up, move forward?
Though I may fall and crash
Like a flightless bird

Decisions, decisions
They are a pain
But I must take one
Lest I go insane

What must I do
Struggle to continue
Find what may come
Or fall and start anew


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