Her Clock Struck Twelve

He gained her trust
First step he has done
And so it begins
Her clock strikes one

The touch of a finger
Life sucked out of her
Yet she does not realize
Not even a little murmur

Every minute, every second
Takes her life away
He quells her fears
Baseless soothing words he says

There is no end
To his bag of tricks
She has no time left
Her clock strikes six

She has now become
Just skin and bone
Baseless promises again
He will not leave her alone

Her love for him
Was completely mad, insane
Because she could not see
He would be her bane

Though he feels remorse
Kills it, shuts it down
No space for emotion here
Not a smile, not a frown

For he is the embodiment
Of death itself
Not even now will he reveal
Her clock strikes twelve

And so it is
She reached her death
Would not have reached life
Even if she had leapt

Whatever heaven she knows
In what she believed
She is safer there
From her pain relieved

He moves on as usual
To find his new prey
Of horrors that await
No idea have they


Image Courtesy of http://www.lawrencegarcia.org


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