I Am Her Killer

She was so alive
When we first met
With her hypnotizing eyes
Ensnared I was kept

I could not help it
I was in love
Across the seven seas
To the heavens above

Yet I slowly saw
I was a parasite
Drained her life out
Her eyes lost their light

With every little kiss
I injected venomous love
Darkened the feathers of
A once white dove

Every single touch
Took her to death
From energizing life
Away she was kept

She grew weaker
Day after day
But from my clutches
She would not go away

Would not leave me
Though I a killer insane
She did not realize
Her love was her bane

Days passing I saw her
Becoming someone emaciated
Hoping she would be better
I watched with breath bated

But with me at her side
She had no other choice
At the edge of death
Stock still she was poised

I watched her die
Slowly waste away
Yet against me a word
She would not say

And so it came that
From this world she had gone
Guilt tortured my heart
From night to dawn

I now had to
Face what I had done
I had taken her life away
As sure as if with a gun

I had been death’s agent
I could only infer
But there was no doubt
I had killed her


Image Courtesy of fc07.deviantart.net


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