A Year Of Blogging

On November 24th, WordPress informed me that it’d been a year since I began blogging. Quite frankly I was astonished. I hadn’t realized how time had flown.

Looking at some of my older posts, I cringe. What was I thinking back then? But I regret none of them and have deleted none. Because they’ve shaped me into the blogger I am today. I started blogging with the impetus of my friend, who was already an avid blogger. I decided to start my own blog.

Due to a lack of ideas, I started it with an intention of recording my progress of bodybuilding. That lasted about a while. But blogging about bodybuilding was never my cup of tea. Sure I liked working out (and still do) but I wasn’t into recording my exploits.

Then slowly, I entered into that phase of teenage frustration and emotion. Having no other outlet to siphon it off, I turned to blogging to help me vent my feelings. And boy, they made me feel a whole lot better. I felt so good after seeing my emotions in ink, knowing it was out of my system.

Then one day I decided to experiment with poetry. I wrote one, and was generally applauded for my attempt. Heartened by my success, I set out to write some more and wrote two. Slowly I lazed off and stopped blogging. Then I met someone who encouraged me to continue blogging. “Oh what the hell?” I figured and came my way back. This time I decided to combine what I’d done separately before. Write my feelings on whatever I wanted and write some poetry on the side.

The result of that is the blog you see today. And it has brought me great satisfaction. I shall be forever indebted to those two, without whom I’d have never been on this platform.

I shout out to the both of them, to the people who found my posts interesting enough to follow, to my friends who supported me all these months. Thank you. Thank you all. Thank you WordPress.



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