Run Darkness Run

Darkness runs past
Midnight cat calls
She has no refuge
Light has had it’s fall

Foul creatures arise
From murky, dark depths
They run after her
To her path intercept

They pursue her
From onset of dusk
Many intentions they
Revenge, torture, lust

People she once thought
Were her staunch allies
Now run with the crowd
They were nothing but lies

Crying, weeping tears
She goes on running
She cannot escape them
These creatures cunning

She keeps running
All throughout the night
Never giving up
Keeping up her fight

Night is darkest
Right before dawn
She feels hope
Light is to be reborn

As the day breaks
A surge of light appears
The creatures fall back
Into then it sears

She breaks up
Melts into the light
She is now relieved
Away from their sight

Light doesn’t matter her
She who has seen the Sun
She is happy now
She is with the one

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