In Chains And Shackles

From when they had met
He had her bogged down
Many a time it brought
On her face a frown

He tied her up
Put her in chains
All day and night
Be it sun, cloud or rain

Though she were in chains
She could see he loved her
Never let her feel pain
Always took care of her

When he shackled her
He took utmost care
To let her feel hurt
He would never dare

She slowly grew tired
Of constantly staying here
She wanted to live
Away from him and fear

Yet she could see
His eyes full of love
He had no one greater
In his life she was above

She now had two choices
To run away and hide
Or to stand and stay here
And by his decisions abide

She made up her mind
Took the latter
Ran so far away
Never again would he see her


  1. The ending I feel is abrupt. you should have stopped at “took the latter.”
    otherwise extended a little more, to the guys after flight since the verse ended at him, though it shifts sort of to first person with a third person view….but the boy was never made the subject till the last line…so maybe a verse or two on his after flight could have given it a smooth finish.
    either way, good work 🙂

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