The Stalker Is Bid Goodbye

It first started when
She contacted him
Must have been a mistake
Something done on a whim

All she ever wanted
Was a good friendship
So did he but with
A fervor that did not dip

Follow her everywhere he
Did so with a fervor
Not love, not hatred
Yet something for her

Thought of her all the time
Every moment on his mind
He longed for the same
Never repaid in kind

Took to stalking her
Wherever he could
He knew it was wrong
Yet continue he would

Tried so hard
To bring her to his side
Yet his friendship rebuffed
She pushed him aside

Days passed and she
Grew tired of him
The light of friendship
Had grown quite dim

She confronted him
Severed all ties
And so it has come as usual
Another round of goodbyes

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