Darkness press in
Hemmed in at all sides
They promised colour
Clearly they lied

Stumbling all the way
Moving about in darkness
I yearn for light
I must confess

Strange things unbidden
Come to unsuspecting touch
Feet hit and stumble
Not a handhold to clutch

Light shines on me
From random directions
Only to be extinguished again
I fall into temptation

Time passes slow
Walls close on me
I feel the close
Not an exit I see

Crushed by forces
I sit here to die
All I lived for
Was a profound lie


  1. So dark and terrifyingly beautiful. In Simple lines, deep emotions are presented with great fluidity. The last three stanzas are connected to the poem just not with each other. I understand how first production is the best we can get but next time try rearranging or editing to get a flow. Otherwise, overall, a lovely work 🙂

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