My Decision, My Bane

I walk a narrow path
Small as a tight rope
Precariously I step
Beyond all hope

The way is strewn
With many rocks and stones
Rumor has it that
Here lie many bones

I dare not hope for something
By looking forward
I dare not see what I’ve left behind
By looking backward

Most of who have gone
Have never come back
Their death is a mystery
Whether natural or attack

Yet those who came back
Are treated as grand lords
Enticing the rest of us
To go seek our rewards

No matter what
I keep moving on
I need not rest
Here no night or dawn

Walking on through
Stones dig into my feet
To comfort and commiserate
Not a soul I meet

I begin to question why
I started down this path
Blindly did I step out there
Not thinking about the aftermath

Long has it been
Since I lost motivation
Each day but brings
More waves of perspiration

Never reaching the light, the end
I walk down this narrow lane
I trudge, and yet I trudge
My decision has become my bane

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