Is Charity A Crime Now?

Most of you would have heard about this recently. A man in Florida got arrested by the police for feeding homeless people. Apparently a law was passed stating the feeding of homeless people illegal. Not completely though. So as to appear humane, they agreed to it provided there was plenty of waste bins, portable toilets etc.

Have the governing bodies lost what it means to be human? We are lucky to be born with most of the benefits that are denied to many of our fellow men. Isn’t it our moral obligation to give back some of what we’ve received? Help make some lives life a little better? Yet most of the self styled ‘humane’ people don’t care.

Let’s look into the so called provisions for feeding them. Portable toilets, waste bins, washing areas. Tell me this. It’s all well and fine for a large organization that has plenty of deep pockets for it to dip it’s hands into. But what about the common man? Someone who just wants to give a little bit of joy to those who have none? What’s he gonna do?

Apparently this leads to unruly masses, causing panic for the public. Well let me tell you. There are a few bad eggs, no doubt. There’s bound to be in every place. Yet most of these homeless are just people trying to survive from one day to another. Some quit surviving. These acts of kindness give them a glimmer of hope. A ray of sunshine in their otherwise bleak world.

The law should be revoked. Let us give back some of the happiness we’ve received. Let’s put a smile on their faces. Show how it means to be kind and caring. Show what it means to be human.

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