The Enemy

Here comes the enemy
It’s probably a raid
I don’t know why
But I’m not afraid

Is it the Russkis or the Japs?
Or the Americans or the British?
Can’t they go take a nap
Instead of creating a skirmish?

The sound of mortar fire
Like the boom of a thunder clap
Even the most bravest sire
Runs to the refugee camp

Airplanes drone up above
Tanks roll down the street
With the enemy soldiers
Come the thundering feet

Where are our soldiers?
Are we to be left alone?
For something not our fault
Are we to atone?

People are felled by gunfire
They fall like dominoes
Piled up in the street
Stepped on by foes

Can human nature get any worse?
Look on within yourselves
Remove from you this curse
Or else sound the death knells

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