Suicide Note Of A Murderer

All that I have done
Can only be condone
No one need stand by me
I walk all alone

Terrible things i have
Done to all I have killed
Their blood on my hands
Many graves I have filled

Tortured all of them
Right before they died
Laws or morals and honor
I have blatantly defied

Cut off arms and legs
Pulled off fingernails
Cut bodies to pieces
Threw them from mountain trails

Bashed their heads on walls
run them over with a car
On their once fine boy
Nowhere is without a scar

Killed their family members
In front of their eyes
The husband watches in agony
As the wife slowly dies

Call me a killer, a murderer
Call me a butcher, an animal
The idea of my mercy
Is just plain laughable

These days I cannot sleep
Eyes that refuse to shut
Haunted by my crimes
My conscience is pricked, cut

I have no choice than to
Embark on this action of course
My heart is now heavy
With the lead guilt of remorse

To ones of whom I have killed
I truly sincerely apologize
For what I have done
There is no compromise

I now go where I must
To Hell, my eternal doom
The gun is against my head


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