Fateful Pride

The sky is blue
The grass is green
He is content
No enemies to be seen

Far off in the horizon
He spots a fiery cloud
Snaps his head up
Fear his legs bound

Takes off bounding
To find someplace safe
Any place will do
Be it a hole or cave

Feet blinding over grass
Now through many a tree
But his antlers caught on a branch
He cannot get away free

Try as he does
He cannot get out
His survival now
Is a looming doubt

The cloud has caught up
All he feels is pain
Once his joy and pride
Is now his fatal bane

Through the haze of pain
He tries to work himself free
His pride he has to let go
With a snap and a scream

Now free from the branch
He runs swift from the scene
To be free from the pain
He sure is very keen

From his near fatal pride
He is now spotless clean
He is humble now
Not what he had been

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