Would It Be Cool To Live Forever?

So I was watching the movie The Wolverine the other day. I was thinking “Damn. Wouldn’t it be so cool to have those claws and live like a badass forever?”. Especially ’cause he can’t get hurt either. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

But then I thought about it seriously. As depicted in the movie, life can get quite dragging after a few hundred years. All alone, knowing you can never get too close to anyone because they will eventually die. Even Wolverine had nearly been driven mad and was longing for a peaceful death.

Living for a long time is cool. But forever? No thank you. I’ll pass. Even living a long time has it’s limitations. What’s the point of living a long time if you can’t even get out of bed? Maybe we’re getting a little off the topic here.

I think it’d be better to live for a finite time. Fall in love, roam around, have fun, have kids, grandkids and then peacefully pass away. It’s also in accordance with the natural order of things. Knowing that you have a finite time to live makes the time you have all the more special. You don’t take it for granted. Okay. Granted, many of us do. Even after knowing we’re eventually gonna die. But think of how we’d take it if we knew we’d never die. Never actually giving a damn about anything because you know you aren’t dying anytime soon. 

So let’s enjoy the life we’ve got, however short. Because happiness often comes in small packages. And those little thimgs are the most precious of all.

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