Never Again

Her closed eyes, he pulled open,
He checked her iris to make sure.
She was dead, no doubt.
Her face would never again be a lure.

He thought to himself,
What had gone wrong?
How did this happen?
Everything had been like a happy song.

They first met in the mall.
Talked in the car park.
He fell in love with her.
She was his guiding light in the dark.

For many months, they were happy.
But she had never seemed sated.
He didn’t understand why.
Being alone with him, was something she detested.

He then came home to find.
She had cheated on him.
Fallen in love with another.
Admitted her love for was on a whim.

Said she loved the other better.
Said she wasn’t coming.
In his rage, barely controlled by fetters,
He hit her and threw her in a sack.

Threw her into the car,
Took her to a desolated place.
From civilization, so very far,
He sat and mutilated her face.

Not a bit, did he leave.
Cut up her whole body,
Ripped it into shreds,
She had to pay for her folly.

What he had once looked upon,
With joy and adoration,
From the first light of dawn,
Was now an abomination.

Her body undamaged, not even a sliver,
Exposed pink flesh laid bare.
Before he threw her into the river,
Took a last look at her with care.

Had she but told him,
He would have left her alone.
He would gone and started anew,
Albeit with lots of sorrow.

“We could have been better” he said.
Picked her without a fret.
Flung her into the darkness.
She, he would never again dread.

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