To Be Alone

What would it be like,
To be all alone?
No one to care about you.
No, not a soul.

No one to laugh with,
No one to share a joke.
Even when you’re home,
Your folks just prod and poke.

Shunned by your peers,
Walking with your head down low.
All you have are your fears.
You just go along with the flow.

Every word you say,
Is always laughed at.
Or used to provoke a war.
Your face, on the ground laid flat.

Everyone around is having fun,
While you are left all alone.
Why do they do this?
For what sin have you to atone?

Weighed down by the shame,
Of your uselessness to humanity.
It is quite a wonder,
That you don’t give in to insanity.

It would be really nice,
To be all alone.
Maybe no one to care for,
But you, no one will condone.

One comment

  1. When you are alone as a matter of choice it means you don’t care about others;
    when you are alone as a results of actions, it means you are not cared for out loud;
    there is a fine line between both.
    people who are usually “left” alone is due to their “difference” and it not a pleasant feeling. human behavior can actually learn a lot from nature if seen…..when nature experiments with a being, with a “change” they wont live outright, they might actually die…but they’ll fight back and against and thrive stronger than any other.
    its not easy to be who you are but let know one shall always walk your path and hold your hand and tell you “you are not alone”. it will take time, a time too long when endured but it’ll end

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