Summer Heat

When I walk out the door,
I’m hit by a wall of heat.
I wish for the days of yore,
For snow and for sleet

Sweat beads roll down my skin,
Oh, how I detest the feeling.
I watch to see which will win the race,
The heat is enough to send me reeling.

Summer is a season I quite like,
It’s neither burning hot nor freezing cold.
But it’s too hot to venture out freely,
To risk heat stroke, I’m not so bold.

From every part of sunburnt road,
Rises the smell of overheated tar and rubber.
Too bad gas masks aren’t commonly sold,
The horrid smell we have to suffer.

The feeling when I’m in an AC room,
Oh man, it’s so exquisite.
If it’s removed, I get mad,
Of that, I have no deficit.

When will this get over?
Give me some cool air.
Must I find a four leaved clover,
Just to get my share?

Well summer, here’s your chance,
To make us all happy.
Just don’t expect us to dance,
Else our moods will get crappy.

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